Corroboree Billabong is part of the Mary River Wetlands which are teeming with birds and also have the largest concentration of Saltwater Crocodiles in the world. The Wetlands are just under 90 minutes drive from Darwin ( 105km ) and our cruise on Corroboree Billabong is the closest wetland cruise available from Darwin. We are the original operator on these wetlands and have been cruising here since 2001. We operate a 1 day tour from Darwin which includes hotel pick up, return air-conditioned transport to the cruise plus a 2.5 hour cruise with lunch on the picturesque wetlands. We also offer a variety of 1.0, 1.5 & 2.5 hour scenic cruises for the self drive market. Our cruise rates are extremely competitive and passengers are able to take amazing pictures as we get up very close to a huge variety of birds, crocodiles and other wildlife in their natural environment.


Crocodylus Park Darwin LogoCrocodylus Park includes a unique, comprehensive crocodile museum through which the results of over three decades of crocodile research are extended to the public. There is no other museum like it!

Outside, there are Saltwater and Freshwater crocodiles of all ages and sizes, and American alligators. Crocodiles range from 30 cm hatchings to giant 4-5 m long specimens, caught in the wild and relocated to sophisticated, unitised breeding pens, which are used for research, production and tourism.

Tourists can visit Crocodylus Park, the largest attraction in Darwin, to see crocodiles "close-up", to learn about their biology and ecology, to ponder the educational material in the museum, to see the collection of other animals (big cats, monkeys, birds, turtles, snakes, …..) on display. Regular daily tours, including crocodile feeding, leave no doubt as to the power, speed and stealth of these magnificent reptiles.


Experience the Northern Territory's iconic jumping crocodiles in their natural habitat.
Without cages and wild as nature intended, we bring you into the domain of the
mighty Saltwater Crocodile and introduce you to these apex predators in their
natural habitat, exhibiting 100% natural behaviour.
We have been working with these creatures on the Adelaide River for several
decades, just 60 mins from Darwin CBD, and are highly experienced in providing a
safe, exciting and educational experience for passengers of all ages.
All of our crew are issued with Wildlife Permits by NT Parks and Wildlife for our
interactions, and no animals are harmed in any way during our wildlife interactions.
We boast an internationally recognized, industry first animal ethics policy.

Top End Safari Camp LogoTop End Safari Camp is one bucket list outback adventure that ticks all the boxes! This overnight tour is fantastic value for money combining truly unique Top End activities with an amazing outback glamping experience.

Experience the thrill of an airboat whilst spotting crocodiles, wildlife and birds. Immerse yourself in the nature and beauty of the Top End with views from a scenic helicopter flight.

Return to our sky deck to experience an incredible Top End sunset over the floodplains followed by a gourmet BBQ dinner, star gazing around our fire pit and an unforgettable outback glamping experience.

The Territory Wildlife Park is your ultimate Darwin day trip experience! Here you will be immersed in the natural wonders of the “Top End” where you’ll see the animals and natural habitats of this place we call home. You’ll be amazed by the picturesque beauty of Park, and appreciate that you can see the “Top End” in a few hours rather than a few days!

Our friendly guides will help you experience the unique wildlife of Northern Australia including opportunities to see some of our animals up close and personal.  Our wildlife exhibits are integrated within the natural environment, so you’ll see pelicans, freshwater crocodiles, fish and turtles happily cruising around our natural ‘Billabong’. You’ll meet hand-raised friendly wallabies in our ‘Woodland Walk’, and see a variety of water birds at ‘Goose Lagoon’.

In our air conditioned tunnel aquarium you’ll take a journey from the small rock pools of the Arnhem Land Escarpment, down through streams and tributaries, into the larger rivers of the “Top End”, and then out to sea.

Crocosaurus Cove Logo

Located in the heart of Darwin City, Crocosaurus Cove is home to the world’s largest display of Australian reptiles, including the iconic saltwater crocodile!

Discover each of Crocosaurus Cove's 9 interactive shows daily, and learn all about Australia's incredible wildlife. Watch a huge saltie dine on his lunch during the Big Croc Feed Show, cuddle a snake or lizard during the Meet the Reptiles Show, and feed a feisty juvenile croc from the Fishing for Crocs platform. Then, capture a family photo with Fluffy the baby croc, or go for a dip in the Swim with the Crocs pool!

Crocosaurus Cove is also home to the famous Cage of Death, Australia’s only crocodile dive. Swim with one of the largest saltwater crocs in the world, and marvel at his prehistoric features and mesmerising gaze. This is a truly up close and personal experience that must be done!

Don’t miss Crocosaurus Cove, Darwin’s ultimate urban wildlife experience!

58 Mitchell Street. Darwin City

Ph:     (08) 89 81 7522